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  Dr. Jacques Turgeon, Director, CHUM Research Centre

The University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM) is the research arm of the CHUM. Its research activities directly contribute to the hospital’s mission: health care, teaching, research, health promotion and technology evaluation.

The CRCHUM is home to more than 360 researchers (35% basic researchers, 55% clinical research and 24% population health researchers) and around 450 students whose significantly collective output has contribute to maintaining an international reputation (2000 publications in the past three years).

In 2010-2011, excluding research income, the CRCHUM budget was $10.2M, the same as in 2009-2010, and an increase of $1M since 2008-2009. These numbers make the CRCHUM the largest biomedical and health care research centre affiliated with the University of Montreal and one of the most important in Canada.

The construction of a new CHUM, including a new research centre, got underway in 2010. The CRCHUM is the first phase of this ambitious project and will open its doors in September 2013. Situated at the heart of the Health Quarter and close to the Montreal Conference Centre (Palais des congrès), this new installation will include cutting-edge facilities, will bring together our researchers, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and personnel currently distributed over six sites. This concentration of expertise will create an incredible synergy benefitting researchers and the population alike. With its 48,000 m2, the CRCHUM will be one of the most imposing research centres in North America and one of the first to house a full research continuum including basic science, clinical research and population health research. This new building will be a driver for solidifying this continuum and translating it into health care.


The CRCHUM improves the health of adults through a high-quality academic research continuum which, by improving our understanding of etiological and pathogenic mechanisms, fosters the development, implementation and assessment of new preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

The CRCHUM provides a training environment to ensure the development of new generations of researchers committed to research excellence.


The CRCHUM seeks to attain the highest standards of excellence in the development of new knowledge, in line with the hospital’s mission. As one of the hospital’s departments, the CRCHUM seeks to play a major role in improving health care and health promotion. It fosters interdisciplinary exchanges and harmonizes laboratory research collaborations with patients and the population with a view to promoting health.


Based on its values – excellence, integrity and commitment –, the CRCHUM developed a 2010-2013 strategic plan. This plan serves as guide for attaining its vision of excellence and to ensure an optimal transition to the new research centre.

Click here to consult the strategic plan (available in French only).






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